Backstage volunteers

One of our core goals is to create volunteer opportunities for both youth and adults to achieve and spread NUTMEG’s values. We promote an organizational environment were our volunteers gain backstage experience and grow with us.

Nadine Snowling (Volunteer Coordinator)

From the tender age of 5 until now, soccer has always been a major part of Nadine’s life. Whether it be as a competitive player, a referee, or a youth coach, she has seen how soccer empowers girls to believe in themselves and chase their dreams. Nadine’s experience as a youth coach kickstarted an international career in Ireland, Malta, and the United Kingdom. Nadine hopes to inspire the next young members of Team Canada at NUTMEG.

Guilherme Vogt (photographer)

First a Project Manager, now a full-time Photographer. By the time I realized the power of images in our lives, I just had to do it. Henri Cartier-Bresson once said that taking a photograph means to recognize, simultaneously and within a fraction of a second‚ both the fact itself and the rigorous organization of visually perceived forms that give it meaning, and I couldn’t agree more. The possibility to magically freeze time, capturing the right fraction of a moment and make it possible to revive it over and over is what motivates me.

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough.” – CAPA, Robert.


Lubov Soltan (graphic designer)

I am a fascinated, attentive listener and observer of human behaviour on crossroads of tech, design, user experience and psychology. Started in Graphic Design in 2010. Newbie UX designer. Grew up in Belarus, lived in the Netherlands in 2014-2017, moved to Toronto on Christmas of 2017 to experience a different way of life, find new challenges and career opportunities.

You can find Lubov’s artwork here:

Kassa Kassaw (program coordinator)

With diverse, extensive and lived professional experience in developing, coordinating, and managing child related projects, Kassa is the perfect fit to run and realize child focused programs. His transferable skills and knowledge in learning through plays, child participation/protection, life skills training, counseling children, and building relationship is an asset for the successful implementation of inclusive and engaging interactive plays among children. His background in Developmental Psychology and Child Development helped him to remain passionate and committed in bolstering child/youth projects from grass root to higher levels. He is keen in identifying individual and group problems and strategically fix it with community based approach. Above all, his in depth hands on experience in partnership work with diverse stakeholders helped him to easily coordinate the program and make connection with parents, coaches, program staff and children.


Thanks to our fantastic volunteers Amanda Sung, Mohammed Abduljalil, S. Metkis and R. Hamdy for collaborating with our marketing and communications teams to tackle language barriers to reach out new participants of our programs.


Samuel Jan (graphic designer)

Sam is a professional graphic designer, artist, and sushi chef based in Toronto. He recently graduated from the Toronto Film School with a Graphic Design & Interactive Media diploma, and has freelanced with various private and non-profit organizations. Sam contributes with his artwork to NUTMEG’s marketing and reach out strategies. In his free time he likes to bike around town, explore Toronto’s street art, and sample the city’s many ramen and taco joints.

You can find Sam’s art work here:

Julien Cadena (photographer)

Julien has had the opportunity to travel along many “paths”, where nature and human beings impose themselves, between black and white images, series of portraits taken from life, he catches these moments and try to give them a second story. He is inspired to create by all that surrounds him, whether he likes it or not. Julien tries to remain original and simply express raw feeling. He seeks to immerse himself in a landscape and share with his audience images that evoke emotion. Whether it’s a look or the brutality of an urban landscape, these images help to discover the privileged moments that life can offer us. By sharing his photographs, Julien hopes to share his universe with us: a unique project to always progress.

Julien is not trying to describe the world but simply to give us his point of view.

“Que la photo ne reste pas silencieuse”

You can find Julien’s artwork here: