Nutmeg Volunteer Awards

NUTMEG is a volunteer run organization and in 2019 the Board established the NUTMEG Awards to acknowledge some of our most talented and enthusiastic volunteers.


OUR ROOTS — Jackie Anucha

Jackie has been with NUTMEG since our inaugural year and has been dedicated to coaching at both all genders and all-girls programs. During these years she has been consistently committed to her shifts and ready to sub for others whenever possible. Her willingness to regularly cover shifts, jump into various committees (e.g. Strategic Planning Committee) and engage whole-heartedly in each session she attends is truly remarkable. She is very reliable, kind, caring, and compassionate: she has a passion and enthusiasm for the program that is infectious! Jackie exemplifies the root of NUTMEG and our values, namely teamwork, respect, and fun. These are the ingredients that make it possible for NUTMEG to be a 100% volunteer-run organization!

FUTURE IS BRIGHT — Christine Mulligan

Christine embodies the term “ROCK STAR!” From the first session she coached at NUTMEG with UofT’s varsity team, we knew she was destined to be a NUTMEG head coach. Christine started as a coach and has increasingly taken on more responsibilities on various committees since she joined a year ago. She has brought tons of skills and enthusiasm to NUTMEG, including coaching and backstage aspects/other roles. She’s demonstrated that she can contribute to NUTMEG in multiple ways and is organized, great at motivating and relating to the kids (and keeping them “under control” when necessary!) and is dedicated to each of her roles. Christine connects so well with the kids, is a powerful leader and leads our coaches very well, communicates well, and is hilarious. We are truly grateful and lucky to have Christine with us at NUTMEG!

CAPTAIN LIBERO — Owen Cattigan

Owen is a consistent, reliable presence and an excellent coach who is fantastic with the kids. He is also happy to pick up extra coaching shifts. He has covered more last minute cancellations than we can count: you just need to scroll the #schedulechanges channel to see how important Owen has been taking sub spots for others. He is incredibly reliable, and always shows up on time with a very enthusiastic and positive attitude. He treats the kids so well, and they respond very well to him! When Owen is at a session, you know it’s going to run that much smoother. He is aware of what needs to get done and is very attentive to everything going on in the gym.


Nadine is one of those volunteers who comes along and you think, “how did NUTMEG ever run without her?” She is incredibly enthusiastic and has gotten involved in multiple roles (Program Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, session planning committee). We can even rely on Nadine to step in and coach on nights when she’s a program coordinator. She’s a jack-of-all-trades and her organizational skills are commendable. Since starting with NUTMEG as the Monday Program Coordinator, Nadine has exceeded expectations for her role, taken on new roles and made herself an integral part of NUTMEG. She’s enthusiastic, organized, passionate, and positive. We can all learn from her: we’re looking forward to seeing what she’ll continue to bring to NUTMEG in the future!

CIRCLE OF JOY — Bruno Ngjeliu

Bruno has been with NUTMEG since its inaugural year and only took some time off while he was battling a knee injury. During that time, we missed his sense of humor at NUTMEG! Bruno has his own unique style of coaching and it comes from a place of wanting to have fun, and wanting kids to laugh and have fun. He always channels his inner child and that goes a long way at NUTMEG. Bruno always has energy—sometimes even more than the kids! He can make coaches and kids alike feel welcome and upbeat. Kids relate to him, and his boisterous sense of fun brings a lot of joy and laughs to every session he’s a part of! Keep being you, Bruno!