Backstage volunteers

One of our core goals is to create volunteer opportunities for both youth and adults to achieve and spread NUTMEG’s values. We promote an organizational environment were our volunteers gain backstage Canadian experience and grow with us.

Self02Samuel Jan (graphic design)

Sam is a professional graphic designer, artist, and sushi chef based in Toronto. He recently graduated from the Toronto Film School with a Graphic Design & Interactive Media diploma, and has freelanced with various private and non-profit organizations. Sam contributes with his artwork to NUTMEG’s marketing and reach out strategies. In his free time he likes to bike around town, explore Toronto’s street art, and sample the city’s many ramen and taco joints.

You can find Sam’s art work here:

Julien Cadena (photography)Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 12.09.10 PM

Julien has had the opportunity to travel along many “paths”, where nature and human beings impose themselves, between black and white images, series of portraits taken from life, he catches these moments and try to give them a second story. He is inspired to create by all that surrounds him, whether he likes it or not. Julien tries to remain original and simply express raw feeling. He seeks to immerse himself in a landscape and share with his audience images that evoke emotion. Whether it’s a look or the brutality of an urban landscape, these images help to discover the privileged moments that life can offer us. By sharing his photographs, Julien hopes to share his universe with us: a unique project to always progress.

Julien is not trying to describe the world but simply to give us his point of view.

“Que la photo ne reste pas silencieuse”

You can find Julien’s artwork here:


Thanks to our fantastic volunteers Amanda Sung, Mohammed Abduljalil, S. Metkis and R. Hamdy for collaborating with our marketing and communications teams to tackle language barriers to reach out new participants of our programs.